Recent Work

2013-12-10 02:45:53 by Tyton89

It's been awhile since I've posted any artwork but rest assured I am working hard on multiple intricate pieces. They all tie into a story I have been writing to tie them all together. I don't like to release unfinished work so I can't show anything now, but I hope to release some new stuff soon.



2013-03-18 18:58:25 by Tyton89

Just wanted to say thanks to the people who scouted me recently finally allowing me to show my art in the portal.

I really appreciate it.

Always working on new art to show so I better get back to it.

Hello Newgrounds!

2013-02-21 18:30:47 by Tyton89

Aspiring Artist Animator just starting out on Newgrounds. Thought I would say hello.